Your App Idea into Reality

Unleash the power of AI to bring your app vision to life,
without writing a single line of code.

Our platform harnesses advanced AI to interpret your app ideas based on simple descriptions you provide.
Just tell us what you need in plain English: whether it's a social media app, a task manager, or something entirely new.
Our AI analyzes your requirements, asking clarifying questions if necessary, to ensure it fully grasps your concept.

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How to use AppBuildChat

Step 1

Planning Mode

Start by chatting with our AI about the app you envision. Our AI-driven planning tool will guide you through a streamlined process, allowing you to refine your app's concept until it's exactly what you need. Just hit "OK" to move to the next step!

Don't waste your precious time concerning with specific app features. Our AI will recommend appropriate features, and all you have to do is bring fascinating idea. Don't worry if you need better prompting skills. It doesn't matter at all. Chat with our AI and specify your app!

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Step 2

Rapid Development

Once you approve the plan, our AI takes over and constructs your app in just three hours. Our technology handles the coding, while you can focus on bringing your vision to life without the typical development headaches.

Step 3

Professional Design

After development, our professional app designer will enhance your app with high-quality design elements. You'll preview the designed app within 72 hours, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations.


Step 4

Launch and Release

Test your app. If you like the app, we'll help you introducing your fascinating app to the world. You can release your app to google play store and apple app store. Just follow our instruction, and then your app will be ready for rapid growth.

Step 5

Continuous Updates

Update your app at any time. Our service adapts to your evolving requirements, providing flexibility and support as your business grows. Just come back to AppBuildChat, and chat again!


Maximize your results and minimize your costs

Mobile App Development
without any process

Get fully developed&designed app just chatting with your own idea.


Predictable pricing

No surprises here. One monthly subscription, pay the same amount every month.

Lightning fast delivery

Don't waste time searching for an developer or developing agency. All you have to do is to type your idea and wait for 3 days.


Best UI/UX design

Professional UI/UX designers will design your app. Our powerful designer team will make your app even more fascinating.

Modify anytime

If you want to modify app functionality/design, you can just chat again.

Just idea

With AppBuildChat, all you have to do is to come up with new idea. Leave complicated planning and developing to our AI.

Ongoing Support

You'll always have an experienced App Specialist and UI/UX Designer that's just an email away to help solve any issues.